Why Historic & Beautiful Holly, Michigan?

Holly Michigan:  A unique village nestled in the arms of antiquity, charm, and of days past and fondly remembered. A village of friends and welcome mats located in one of Michigan’s premier counties known for shopping, new businesses, smiles, and as a great destination for our young and old to share in the antiquity of our place called home.

Holly is a unique and shared experience for all who come through our open door.  Holly is a continuing story of a small village in Southeast Michigan proudly displaying the human spirit, compassion, and family values found only in Middle America. Holly is remembering being that little girl or boy shopping for the first time in a downtown setting. Holly is turning the store door knob to a yesterday lost in today’s busy world.  Like the story of a Norman Rockwell painting, Holly’s story is continuing to unfold from our past, to our present, and to a bright future.  So the question has to be asked; have you been to Holly lately? Come to Holly, MI and see what you’ve been missing, our doors are open and our light is on; we are all waiting for you.