Building Exterior Grant Program

The Building Exterior Grant Program is to encourage economic investment and revitalization to the commercial buildings in the Village of Holly DDA District. The Grant Program is designed to target low cost physical improvements to buildings by the upgrading of awnings, windows, paint, signage or other improvements/repairs to the building structure. Click   to download the Building Exterior Grant Program Application.


  1. Grants may be awarded for up to 50 percent of the total cost of a qualified facade, with a maximum grant award of up to $2,000.00 per project.
  2. The Applicant must match the grant with documented matching funds. Labor provided by the applicant, owner, or any other laborer will not be considered.
  3. Within a five year period, a property address may not apply for a Building Exterior Improvement Grant more than twice for the same store front unless a change in business ownership occurs.
  4. The DDA cannot accept application for previous completed improvements, design or permit fees, or for roof repair.
  5. New construction is not eligible for the Building Exterior Grant Program.
  6. Priority is given to improvements that preserve Holly’s historical character.
  7. All grant awards are subject to available funding and submitting an application does not guarantee funding.


  • All exterior walls of building, with priority given to major street-facing facades
  • Exterior renovations, restorations, or reconstruction including but not limited to the following:
    • Carpentry and/or painting;
    • Masonry cleaning;
    • Removal of historically inappropriate materials from façade, if applicable;
    • Window replacement or restoration;
    • Doors and/or entryways;
    • Sign repairs or replacement;
    • Awnings and/ or canopies
    • Tuckpointing, if applicable
    • Restoration of original architectural features, if applicable
    • Exterior improvements must also meet with the approval of the Village of Holly Historic District Commission, if applicable


Eligibility is given to owners and tenants (with permission from the building owner) of commercial or mixed commercial-residential property located in the Village of Holly DDA District. These tenants must have at least a two-year lease at the location to qualify. Only structurally sound buildings with safely functioning mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems will be considered for this grant. Improvements must comply with all Village building codes, permitting, and sign standards. In addition, building owners must show evidence of insurance on the property.

Outstanding Building Exterior Improvement Grant funds may be carried into the next fiscal year at the discretion of the Holly Downtown Development Authority. Grant shall be administered at the full discretion of the Holly Downtown Development Authority.

If a commercial building under one ownership, is a multi-tenant building, each separate unit with an individual storefront façade and an independent ground floor entry shall be eligible to receive a Building Exterior Improvement Grant, however grant funds shall not exceed $2,000 per unit.

Click  to download the Building Exterior Grant Program Application.